IUE specializes in the visualization of global data. Using the most current tools to view data in a geographic context to produce more than just a nice image. It is a fusion of information that tells a story, solves a problem, or guides a direction for geospatial intelligence.

Video examples from our project gallery:

AirGlobe: IUE created AirGlobe as a tool that would combine photography and geography in a meaningful way. AirGlobe allows users to import their photos and puts them on an interactive three-dimensional globe in the exact spot they were taken. Users can explore their personalized globe using the Leap Motion controller or take a tour of all the photos they have imported.

AirGlobe is available in Leap Motion's Airspace Store.

El Nino Sea Surface Temperature Model: IUE provides a demonstration of the daily changes of the sea surface temperature affected by El Nino from January of 1997 to January of 1998. Over the El Nino year the current changes directions, and warm water piles up over the cooler belt near the equator, this change in temp causes coral bleaching (death) in the south pacific. This is a time series visualization of 24 satellite format array data rasters, blended over a 12 month time span.

May Rainfalls 10 years: IUE hosts a visualization of May Rainfall over a 10yr period. Heavy rainfall in the month of May leads to higher crop yields in S. America and Africa. This is a model of rainfall for Mays over the past 10 years based on NetCDF satelitte data.

Hawaii Undersea Cables: Click on the image to view a map of the proposed Hawaii Undersea Cable routes.

Hawaii Case Study Maps:

IUE hosts Bathymetry for Hawaii together with whale sightings over a decade, fiber optic cable lanes, and coastal LIDAR.