IUE authors have contributed to publications in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Marine Sciences. For more information please visit these links, or contact us at

Ocean Globe

Ocean Globe focuses on bathymetry-the study of underwater depth of the third dimension-within the larger context of work being done by scientists and educators around the world. Each chapter represents a different facet of maritime research that relies on ocean floor mapping for its success. The topics covered address the diversity of the world's oceans and seas, placing emphasis on the need for better conservation. With a shared goal of joining disparate data collected over decades, the contributors of this volume turn to GIS as a tool for sharing information and advancing the science of bathymetry. Ocean Globe is both a resource for the classroom and a reference for practitioners.

Marine Geography

Featuring real-world examples from the ocean trenches, this collection of articles by leading ocean researchers and marine biologists shows some of the many ways that GIS technology is contributing to our understanding of the underwater environment. From improving oil spill response and mapping marine biodiversity to protecting at-risk coastal areas and improving navigation safety in crowded sea-travel corridors, Marine Geography: GIS for Oceans and Seas illustrates how digital mapping and spatial analysis can serve as the integrating technology that allows various stakeholders to communicate in a common language.


Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet presents the initial results of a successful effort to create and define a data model for the marine community. The data model not only provides structure to storing and analyzing marine data but helps users create maps and three-dimensional scenes of the marine environment in ways invaluable to decision making. The standards and best practices that emerge from the case studies in Arc Marine form a diverse set of resources to draw from as the marine community strives to understand, illuminate, chart, and explore the unknown depths.