June 2010 - Ocean Globe

Ocean Globe from ESRI Press examines bathymetry from its early history through today's use of geographic information systems (GIS) and other technologies to map the ocean floor. With contributions from oceanographers, explorers, and historians, this new book is a valuable resource for those interested in coastal management, seafloor mapping, and marine biology.

(Read more from the ESRI Press Release)

March 2010 - CEROS Awards over $8.1 Million to Ocean Technology Companies

The National Defense Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences (CEROS) announced the selection of projects for its 2009 technology development program. Nineteen companies will receive over $8.1 million in FY09 funding...(Read the complete press release here)

January 2009 - Mapping the Planet's Last Great Frontier

The ocean depths may hold unfathomable mysteries and all manner of things for writers and filmmakers (think: The Abyss, The Big Blue, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), but for Joe Breman and his company, International Underwater Explorations, LLC (IUE), they are an exciting new frontier....(Read the complete article here)