A Geospatially Enabled Smart Grid System

Energy expenses can be reduced based on real-time visual consumption data. The Geo-Smart Grid viewer will provide a geographic map that represents energy consumption in building locations, flag potential energy deficits, outages, and surge events, and enable cost savings. Geo-Smart Grid will give you control over your energy consumption with Smart Grid ready wireless connections to eliminate wasted energy, save money and enable you to turn off and on lights, appliances, and electronics from the Internet or a mobile device.


Geo-Smart Grid will demonstrate a software system that converts standard buildings into 'smart buildings'. This provides real-time data to show energy consumption visually, and the ability to control individual or grouped electrical devices within buildings from a remote location via a secure web interface. GEO-SMART GRID is a smart energy solution using emerging standards-based technology.

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Image credits: The Picowatt plug is a smart enabled device that sends information related to energy usage to the Geo-Smart Grid via the internet. Credit and rights to Tenrehte, Inc. for Picowatt. Control panel dial and images: Bing! and Visible Energy